Library Advocacy and Funding Conference

The world's largest virtual conference dedicated to library advocacy and funding! Join us September 26th-28th, 2022. Register today!

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Get the latest news and information about the world's first library conference dedicated to building support for library funding.

LAFCON 2022 Reframes Political Action and Organizing for Libraries

Over 500 Library leaders from around the world gathered online to learn and collaborate on effective advocacy and activism

LAFCON 2022 is Live and Online

We are thrilled to open LAFCON 2022, the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference from EveryLibrary and the EveryLibrary Institute.

You can now access the conference!

Ready to attend the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference? We will use an online platform called Whova for our event. You can Download the Whova Mobile App or Access It From the Web Platform on Desktop.

Book Banning Track at the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference

It's no secret that there has been a rash of book banning across the country. In some states we're seeing legislation that would allow for the incarceration of librarians and place a $10,000 bounty on "unAmerican" books. 

Attacks on Libraries are Serious. That's why this conference is so important.

If you're as concerned about the political and partisan attacks on libraries and the freedom of expression as I am, then this conference is for you.

This Conference Gives Back To Our Associations!

We're excited to bring a conference to libraries that gives back to our amazing library community.

Check out these tracks!

We're really excited about these newly confirmed sessions at our upcoming Library Advocacy and Funding Conference! Did you know that 98% of library funding is political in nature? That means that 98% of library funding is determined by voters and legislators at the local, state, and federal levels.

Enjoy an Incredibly Flexible Conference Experience!

All of the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference (LAFCON) sessions are pre-recorded and there are a number of great reasons we’re doing this. We want this conference to be easy to attend for people anywhere in the United States or around the world. With all conference sessions available concurrently during the three days of the conference you can watch any session at any time on your own schedule. If you prefer to watch the conference sessions at noon or at midnight, that’s up to you! 

Check out these Library Advocacy and Funding Conference Sessions

We're excited about releasing a few of the sessions at the upcoming Library Advocacy and Funding Conference!

Registration is Open for the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference!

The library industry is under threat from a number of major simultaneous crises, all leading to a loss of financial and voter support. The COVID-19 crisis has decimated the fundamental municipal tax base that funds school and public libraries. Politically appointed library boards are taking aim at de-funding libraries from the inside. Major scam PACs and political extremists are attempting to dictate what books Americans can and cannot read while working to de-legitimize trust in publicly funded institutions. As a result, many of our traditional philanthropic funders have pulled their support from library activities. This conference will help us address these issues and so much more!

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