Even More New and Exciting Sessions Announced!

If you haven't taken a recent look at our lineup of speakers for the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference, you might have missed that we've added a lot more sessions in the last 10 days.

If you haven't taken a recent look at our lineup of speakers for the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference, you might have missed that we've added a lot more sessions in the last 10 days.

We also decided to offer our premium webinars to attendees. We typically offer these premium webinars-on-demand at a rate of $25 each outside of this conference. But these five webinars (a $125 value) will be offered as a bonus to all attendees.

Don't forget that all sessions will be concurrently available throughout the three days of this conference. That means you can attend the conference around your schedule and watch any session at any time!

In case you haven't seen these new sessions yet, these are the 7 new sessions that we've added in the last ten days! You aren't going to want to miss out.

Dave Schenone - Empowering digital fundraising through the power of reading

COVID-19 is changing our lives on a daily basis. Schools and community organizations such as libraries will look different this Fall due to social distancing requirements which means a shift in fundraising strategies. Our session will focus how organizations like yours can take advantage of digital fundraising tools and techniques to promote a reading challenge that is focused on raising money and reaching the mobile fundraiser.

Jessica Rafuse - Accessibility @ Microsoft

With more than one billion people with disabilities in the world, Microsoft is passionate about accessibility and is invested in ensuring our products work for all our customers. Join Accessibility Program Manager, Jessica Rafuse, to learn about the evolution of accessibility at Microsoft, what we’ve learned on our journey, and how we’re making accessibility a core part of our culture and how we design and build our products. You'll leave this session understanding that people with disabilities are talent that will enrich every aspect of your organization.

Rachel Renock - Dismantling toxic workplaces: How to shape the culture of your mission-driven organization

In this session, Rachel Renock, Co-founder and CEO of Wethos, will dive into the tactics, tools, and strategies employed to build a workplace that revolves around empathy and collaboration. Learn more about how the considerations the company has made from a legal and code of conduct perspective, as well from a values alignment and communication point of view. Plus, get tips on how to hold team members accountable for showing up for each other during trying times.

Anjelica Triola - Building brand advocates: Tips and insights from big brands, adapted for small orgs

In this session, you'll get insights into the tools and frameworks that big brands like Patagonia, Nike, and Google use to attract brand advocates. Anjelica Triola, a brand and business consultant with 12+ years experience working across consumer, tech, political, and advocacy groups, will share her process for creating great experiences throughout every touchpoint in an audiences journey. You'll walk away with real practical suggestions for how to attract the right people, how to develop meaningful two-way relationships, and how to let research guide your mission.

John Miyasato - Canvassing for a Cause

In Canvassing for a Cause, John Miyasato will discuss: Best practices, Different kinds of canvassing and what has worked for EveryLibrary, so far, Operations behind issue based campaigns, Why promoting public libraries is a great and easy cause to gain support around, and EveryLibrary's experience working with Crossroads Campaigns.

Joshua Starr - American Attitudes Towards Public Education: Findings from the 2020 PDK Annual Poll

In this session, Dr. Joshua P. Starr, CEO of PDK International, will present the results of the 2020 PDK Poll of the Public's Attitudes Towards Public Education. This is the 51st year of the PDK poll, which is the longest running continuous poll of American's perspectives on public education. From school choice, to the use of standardized tests, diversity and the performance of the current administration, the PDK poll results inform the debate on public education policy and practice in unique ways.

Rachel Ramjattan - The Art of Fundraising: Becoming an Inspirational Fundraiser

Would you like to know the secret to inspiring donors to give?

Do you want to learn how to write fundraising appeals that raise more money?

Do you know how to calculate the right ask amount for each donor?

Join us for The Art of Fundraising: Becoming an Inspirational Fundraiser

During this workshop Rachel Ramjattan, best-selling author of No More Duct Tape Fundraising: The Nonprofit Leader's Guide to Becoming an Inspirational Fundraiser will teach you what inspires donors to give, how to advocate for the people you serve, and how to raise more money by making the right ask. You'll explore the 4 Pillars technique to help you frame your asks in ways that compel donors to take action.


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