Five More Sessions Added This Week!

We're still adding more sessions to the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference and this is the last day to get your regular price conference admission!

We're still adding more sessions to the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference and this is the last day to get your regular price conference admission

Tomorrow, the prices go up to $125 so register today!

In total, we have almost 50 incredible sessions at this conference. All of our presenters are bringing in their expertise from beyond librarianship. You'll definitely learn new skills, tools, and strategies for building support for library funding in your community and even your state.

The five sessions that we added today are:

Joe Kapp and Chris Wood - The Advocacy and Entrepreneurship Alignment

Issue advocacy organizations and innovative start-ups face similar challenges in building an audience and identifying and connecting with stakeholders or supporters. Successful advocacy organizations must be rooted in addressing the interests of their communities. Entrepreneurs, likewise, only succeed when their solutions or services legitimately address problems for customers. In this panel, you will hear from Chris Wood, Executive Director of the issue-advocacy organization LGBT Tech, and Joe Kapp, President & CEO of the National Center for Resource Development, for a discussion with EveryLibrary’s executive director John Chrastka about the six core principals of effective leadership and organizational alignments. Whether you are looking to develop a new idea within an existing organization to visioning a new approach with a new organization or business, their insights are engaging and actionable.

Marsha Donat - Ballot Measures as a Tool for Advocacy

There are many ways that your library, 501c3 or C4 organization can help support ballot initiatives for the library or take other political action. Join the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center to learn how you can utilize ballot measures as at tool - even if you're a 501c(3) organization - to move your advocacy goals forward and create a more equitable and just society.

Selah Pomeranitz - Building movements and raising money: Online fundraising best practices for right now

In the last few months, we've seen organizers all over the country scale their work in order to meet the changing needs of their communities. Nonprofit organizations have an important role in keeping this work sustainable so that frontline organizers and activists can continue to fight the impact of the pandemic, combat anti-Black institutionalized racism, and build healthcare and education systems that work for all of us. Small-dollar donors are an important part of this work, forming a powerful base of supporters who are ready to get involved and help your team reach your organizing goals. During this session, digital fundraising experts from ActBlue, a nonprofit organization that builds online fundraising tools, will help show you how to build an online fundraising program that empowers your supporters to take action online to support the movements and organizations they care about.

Jonny Svenningsen - Peer-to-Peer: Why you should be texting and how to do it effectively

Texting is quickly becoming a preferred method of communication; it certainly is the most effective. Like all things there are good text campaigns and very bad intrusive ones. In this session we will take you through the basics of text campaigns to examples of the current “art of the possible”. How texting actually work, best practices, the value (necessity) of “opt-in”, how to move from one-way communication, to conversation and to driving actions such as volunteering and donating, where to start with texting, and a few other tips & tricks on how to make your text campaigns more effective.

Jasmine Worles (NDTC Trainer) - How to Connect with Voters through Personal Stories

Whether you’re running for office, working on a campaign, or building your local party’s or organization’s infrastructure, you need to connect with your voters. We’re here to help! How can you do this when you can’t meet in person?

You will learn the following in this training:

  • Practice using the story of self framework
  • Recognize how to tailor your story


These aren't all of our sessions yet! We're still confirming a few more. Please check back next week for even more from the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference.


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