LAFCON 2022 is Live and Online

LAFCON 2022 is Live and Online

We are thrilled to open LAFCON 2022, the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference from EveryLibrary and the EveryLibrary Institute.

Our concept for LAFCON is simple: Bring the best thinkers and do-ers in politics, organizing, and fundraising from outside of libraries to support our network of library leaders. This year, we are focusing on the core competencies of funding for public and school libraries, relationship and coalition building for librarians, and the hard work of messaging within a fractured American experience. We also have several timely sessions that are designed to help you prepare for challenges and politicized attacks on libraries.
With LAFCON 2022, we want to go beyond talking points to help you be better prepared and more effective.
All of our sessions are live right now and available on-demand. Any session with "office hours" is a synchronous event. Otherwise, you can watch everything from Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday anytime. We are using all the features within the Whova app, so comment and share away. This is a critically important time for libraries in communities and on campuses. We are excited to see where our conversations can go. 

If you are registered but haven't installed the Whova app, please download it here: DOWNLOAD WHOVA APP

You can still register to get unlimited access to all the great content and networking: Register for LAFCON 2022

Having trouble? Email [email protected] for help.