Sessions 2022

We're continuously adding new sessions and presenters so stay tuned to see who you'll be learning from.

Getting the Most Out of Political Direct Mail with New USPS Tools

Direct mail remains an essential component of political campaigns. It is uniquely targetable, and people really do read – or at least look at – their mail. Few political campaigns succeed without mail as a part of their strategy. The Postal Servic...

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Attracting Audacious Grants

This talk will examine 15 initiatives over the past 100 years that have attracted multiple grants of $10 million or more, including the roll out of libraries across the U.S.. We'll break down the type of grants that have appealed to donors (from r...

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Building Relationships With Your Legislator

Have you ever wondered about the best process for engaging with your state political leaders? Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre will be sharing her experience becoming an assemblywoman and how she came to be the chair of the New York Library Committee. Sh...

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Empowered Against Book Bans

Get to know the current state of book challenges across the US with a look at what led to this particular censorship movement. This presentation will offer not only the terminology and groups associated with book challenges in public schools and l...

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