Check out these Library Advocacy and Funding Conference Sessions

We're excited about releasing a few of the sessions at the upcoming Library Advocacy and Funding Conference!

We're excited about releasing a few of the sessions at the upcoming Library Advocacy and Funding Conference!

Did you know that 98% of library funding is political in nature? That means that 98% of library funding is determined by voters and legislators at the local, state, and federal level. 

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However, in the last ten years, libraries have lost nearly 20% of voter and political support for funding and revenue. And now, libraries are also being attacked by extremist activists, politicians, book banners, and scam PACs and those attacks are gaining traction among voters.

The Library Advocacy and Funding Conference (LAFCON) is the first and only conference dedicated to addressing the source of 98 percent of library funding: Politics.

Empowered Against Book Bans
Get to know the current state of book challenges across the US with a look at what led to this particular censorship movement. This presentation will offer not only the terminology and groups associated with book challenges in public schools and libraries across the country, but it will also offer insight into how to build strong challenge policies, craft effective responses to book challenges, and connect your community allies to ensure your public institution remains committed to information access for all. All attendees will walk away with a set of resources to put this knowledge into action immediately.

Attracting Audacious Grants
This talk will examine 15 initiatives over the past 100 years that have attracted multiple grants of $10 million or more, including the roll out of libraries across the U.S.. We'll break down the type of grants that have appealed to donors (from research to advocacy, infrastructure and leadership development) and where on an organization or movement's growth cycle the time has ripest for making big requests. We'll also look at where collaborating with business and government can make the most sense.

Getting the Most Out of Political Direct Mail with New USPS Tools
Direct mail remains an essential component of political campaigns. It is uniquely targetable, and people really do read – or at least look at – their mail. Few political campaigns succeed without mail as a part of their strategy.

The Postal Service has developed new services in the last few years that can greatly increase the effectiveness and control of a direct mail campaign. There are also special rules political mailers should follow to get the best treatment for their mail. This session will give you insight into how to make the most of your political campaign mail.

Building Relationships With Your Legislator
Have you ever wondered about the best process for engaging with your state political leaders? Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre will be sharing her experience becoming an assemblywoman and how she came to be the chair of the New York Library Committee. She will talk about different approaches to state library budgets, various legislative issues such as e-books, Trustee Training, and construction bills. Then she'll explore best practices for reaching out and maintaining relationships with your legislators.

And so many more!
We'll be rolling out our presenters over the next few weeks.

Remember that we're bringing in some of the nation's most successful fundraising and advocacy experts, consultants, and organizations to train you to build support for funding your school or public library.

We are also excited to add a "Book Banning Track" to 2022. We're bringing in a number of experts from organizations who are currently fighting the latest crisis of book banning and censorship that is plaguing the United States.

But, there's more! You'll also gain access to over 60 sessions from our conference in 2020 with your registration.

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