Get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about this conference.

July 24-26th, 2024


The conference hashtag is #lafcon2024

Due to our large attendance numbers we will be using the Whova.com conference app again. You can see the user guide to familiarize yourself with the platform before the conference here.

We’re also excited to present a virtual format that allows this conference to be as flexible as possible to fit your busy schedule. With three days worth of content, you aren’t going to want to miss out on anything. That’s why we made it possible to view the conference session in three different formats. All conference sessions will be made available on the first day of the conference. You can view these sessions in three unique ways to fit your schedule

  1. You can pick and choose the sessions that you want to attend and watch them at your convenience at anytime throughout the conference
  2. You can watch sessions by track if you are interested in gaining a deep level of knowledge in any area
  3. You can view the conference from beginning to end.

Pre-recorded sessions give you the flexibility to attend in a way that fits your schedule. And, it allows us to ensure that the conference sessions are accessible to all with subtitles in multiple languages. You can also pause conference sessions so you don't miss a thing.

Library workers are doing incredible work around the country and are presenting at many of the library conferences that we typically attend. You've probably heard from them already! That's why we wanted our conference to do something different. We wanted to bring in some of the world's most cutting edge leaders from outside of our industry and infuse librarianship with new ideas, strategies, and tactics that you can adopt to increase funding and community support. We also know that under the traditional models of advocacy, libraries have lost over 20% of voter support in the last 10 years and new political attacks and challenges are occurring around the country from well-funded and well-organized opposition. Our traditional advocacy and fundraising strategies just aren't working anymore. That's why we need something new and why we're excited to bring unique ideas to the library industry through this conference.

LAFCON is bringing in some of the world's biggest leaders in social movements, politics, philanthropy, and community organizing. Typically, a political conference of this nature sells for over $400 a ticket and usually quite a bit more! We know this, because we've paid it before in order to learn from many of these experts. This is information that you will not find at a typical library conference because none of these presenters come from the library industry.

You will be given access to the conference platform for conference sessions that are specific to you as the registered attendee. You are not authorized to share these links to allow access for other individuals, colleagues, friends or family. If we find that you are sharing these links, we will remove your access to them, remove you from the platform, and ban you from all access to conference materials without a refund or compensation. 

You can contact conference organizers at [email protected] or [email protected]