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Registered attendees can continue to access the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference content through Oct 1, 2020 at

LAFCON is Live and Online

All conference sessions are hosted at Registered attendees should join the conference there. If you are registered but are having trouble logging in, please see for assistance. 

Five More Sessions Added This Week!

We're still adding more sessions to the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference and this is the last day to get your regular price conference admission

Check out the Conference Tracks!

Attendees at the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference will have the flexibility to build a conference schedule that fits their needs. That's why we designed these tracks to help you navigate all of the incredible content at the conference.

Even More New and Exciting Sessions Announced!

If you haven't taken a recent look at our lineup of speakers for the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference, you might have missed that we've added a lot more sessions in the last 10 days.

LAFCON Update for Registrants!

We’re really excited that we have almost a month before the conference opens and over 500 library workers, supporters, and advocates have registered from all over the world so we wanted to give you a little update about the conference.

Funding for your library

I think we can agree that almost every library in the world could use a little more funding. But with over 98% of library funding being dependent on political support, that’s often hard to come by - even in good economic times. 

Diversify Your Library's Revenue

We know over 98% of library funding is politically motivated. But at the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference this September, we’re also interested in growing your philanthropic, CSR, and grant funding opportunities. 

What If Every Session Was A Keynote?

That’s the question we asked ourselves when we were putting together this conference. We wanted every session to be a keynote level presenter. 

Libraries Aren't Political?

That's a hard argument to make!

Libraries are political when they take a stand to support topics such as first amendment rights, information access, the freedom to read and so much more. It’s also true that 98% of library funding is politically driven by the will of local voters and the will of local, state, and federal legislators. That means that if we want to see libraries funded and supported into the future then we need to understand how to navigate this world of politics.

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