Wait, What Happened? Crisis Communications for Libraries

This session will help you be more prepared for a potential crisis.

A crisis is any situation that threatens the integrity or reputation of your organization, such as funding reductions, safety or security incidents, public challenges or staffing issues. Today, libraries face many of these threats - often simultaneously. This session will help you be more prepared for a potential crisis. First we will define the different types of crises, and give examples. Then we will walk through the steps to create a Crisis Communications Plan. Next we'll discuss good communications practices that you can implement *before* a crisis to ensure that your library is well positioned to respond. Finally, we'll look at a few additional ways that your library can improve its resilience to lessen the potential negative impacts of a crisis.

Cordelia Anderson

Cordelia Anderson is the author of "Library Marketing and Communications: Strategies to Increase Relevance and Results," available from ALA Editions. As CEO of Cordelia Anderson Consulting, Cordelia works with public and academic libraries as well as other organizations. She has more than twenty years of experience creating marketing and communications strategies for highly visible public organizations. During her decade as Director of Marketing & Communications for Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, she implemented innovative marketing and communications strategies that earned her team the inaugural Library Journal Marketer of the Year Award and two John Cotton Dana Awards.