Planning Finances to Meet the Library's Strategic Objectives

Check out this Library Advocacy and Funding Conference Session: Planning Finances to Meet the Library's Strategic Objectives

Are you aligning your Library's budgeting process with your strategic plan? Looking ahead to ensure the Library's long-term goals are achievable? Have you considered what alternatives are available if you cannot readily meet your goals? This presentation will discuss how to identify and react to unfavorable trends before it's too late. We'll also discuss borrowing for larger scale projects that cannot be funded from resources on hand, and the reasons borrowing can make sense.

Meristem Advisors

Meristem Advisors was founded on the principle that clients want and deserve to have deeper conversations with their municipal advisors. Meristem provides traditional bond financing services, but also is available on a consulting basis for financial planning, capital planning, budgeting and revenue forecasting. We can also help you evaluate and select different strategies for achieving your capital investment objectives, including sustainability goals, energy efficiency improvements, and community security. The hallmark of Meristem Advisors is clear, understandable, and actionable communication with clients and their governing boards.