Feelings Don’t Care About Your Facts: Ethically Navigating Library Advocacy in an Age of Propaganda.

Libraries and library workers in the United States are under threat from a powerful and well-funded far right coalition that is increasingly outmatching library advocates in the battle for the hearts and minds of the American public. The rhetoric being employed by these groups is both dangerous and highly effective— rooted in the kind of blatant lies that can only be described as disinformation, and in the emotional manipulation that categorizes some of the most malicious and effective propaganda. In response, it is not only morally permissible, but absolutely ethically required, that library advocates deploy all the tools and strategies that we can to turn the tide against the anti public-sphere activism sweeping the nation, including some that are not yet in our toolbox. This webinar shares emerging research on ethical considerations for political and communications strategies that could be used to defend libraries and democracy.


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About Allison Jennings-Roche

Allison Jennings-Roche, MA, MLIS is a PhD Candidate in Information Studies at the University of Maryland and the Lead Teaching & Learning Librarian and Political Science Librarian for Towson University. She has professional experience in public libraries, archives, academic libraries, student affairs, and undergraduate teaching. Her research interests include information policy, advocacy, and ethics; rhetoric; and intellectual freedom, as well as critical information literacy and inclusive leadership. Her research has been published in Library Quarterly, the Political Librarian, the Journal of Intellectual Freedom and Privacy, and in Exploring Inclusive & Equitable Pedagogies: Creating Space for All Learners, Volume 2 by ACRL Press. Her work has been presented at ALA Annual, ACRL, MLA/DLA, for public library leaders and advocates, and in invited workshops for Lyrasis and Library Journal.