Boost Your Library’s Youth Program Offerings With Free Resources and Strategies from Girls Who Code

Boost your library's youth program offerings with free resources and strategies from Girls Who Code -- available for all age groups and genders! As student interest and demand for STEM programming continues to rise, we know that libraries are uniquely positioned to help meet the need in their communities. That is why the international nonprofit Girls Who Code (GWC) and EveryLibrary have partnered up to give you the tools and resources you need to develop inclusive computer science programming at your library – no coding experience required and at no cost!

During this session, GWC will uncover how librarians can easily equip their library patrons with the skills and confidence they need to succeed from 3rd grade to their early careers. We'll help you inspire students of all genders not only how to use code to solve the world’s toughest problems, but also how to be brave, resilient, and inclusive.

By exploring GWC's pipeline of free programs, you'll walk away with strategies and tools for how to a) recruit and retain girls and BIPOC students in STEM programs amidst challenging political and social climates for libraries, b) design holistic programs that build important life skills in an inclusive environment, c) keep your curricula relevant to the changing tech landscape including infusing artificial intelligence, d) immediately access free resources and activities for 3-12th graders of all genders, and e) learn from real case studies of GWC Clubs at libraries nationwide to help you build your own programs.


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About Girls Who Code and Emily Ong

Girls Who Code (GWC) is an international nonprofit working to close the gender gap in technology and leading the movement to inspire, educate, and equip students who identify as girls or non-binary with the computing skills needed to pursue 21st-century opportunities. Since launching in 2012, GWC has reached 580,000 young people through in-person and virtual programming. Today, 185,000 of GWC alums are college- or career-age, majoring in computer science and related fields at 7x the national average.

Within their pipeline of programs from 3rd grade to early career, GWC offers a free and flexible Clubs program to empower teachers, librarians, and community volunteers to engage 3rd-12th graders of all genders, sparking their curiosity in computer science and propelling them toward technology careers. Since 2012, over 530,000 students have participated in project-based learning activities through Clubs. Learn more at