Introduction to Borrowing for Libraries

Large capital improvements, renovations, and projects are often realized with the help of borrowing. This webinar provides a framework for evaluating whether your library needs to borrow for your project, how to decide how much, how to authorize it, and how you might be able to pay for it. It will familiarize you with the process of borrowing, including issuing "bonds" in the public market so that you will have some background when the time comes. We will discuss other considerations to be given to a project, such as additional operating costs and how to approach a referendum, to ensure your project is a successful enhancement to the library's services.


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About Meristem Advisors and James Rachlin

Meristem Advisors is an MSRB-registered municipal advisor firm founded on the principle that clients want and deserve to have deeper conversations with their municipal advisors. Meristem provides traditional bond financing services, as well as project feasibility studies, bond and covenant default analyses, financial and capital project planning assistance, financial office operation and budgeting and revenue forecasting. The hallmark of Meristem Advisors is clear, understandable, and actionable communication with clients and their governing boards.

James ("Jamie") Rachlin is the founder and President of Meristem Advisors and was a public finance banker for 25 years. He has helped library and school districts throughout the US plan for and realize their financial objectives including capital project financing.