The Rise and Rise of Christian Nationalism

When I wrote about Christian nationalism in 2006, it was still widely considered a fringe phenomenon. Now it has moved to the very center of our politics, and is driving the renewed craze for banning books. I'll speak about the history and spread of the movement, and how its book-banning crusade has spread from schools to public libraries and even bookstores.


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About Michelle Goldberg

Michelle Goldberg became an Opinion columnist for the New York Times in 2017 and was part of a team that won a Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for public service for reporting on workplace sexual harassment issues. She won the 2018 Front Page Award from the Newswomen’s Club of New York for opinion/criticism, and the 2020 Hillman Prize for opinion and analysis.

Michelle is the author of three books, Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism, The Means of Reproduction: Sex, Power, and the Future of the World, and The Goddess Pose: The Audacious Life of Indra Devi, the Woman Who Helped Bring Yoga to the West. Her first book, Kingdom Coming, was a finalist for the Helen Bernstein Award for Excellence in Journalism, and her second, The Means of Reproduction, won both the Ernesta Drinker Ballard Book Prize and the J. Anthony Lukas Work-In-Progress Award, and was praised by Rick Perlstein as being “…the most important book you’ll ever read about the future of the human race.”

Previously, Michelle was a columnist at Slate. A frequent commentator on radio and television, her work has also appeared in The New Yorker, Newsweek, The Nation, The New Republic, The Guardian, and many other publications. She has reported from countries including India, Iraq, Egypt, Uganda, Nicaragua, and Ukraine. Michelle lives in Brooklyn with her husband and children.