Peter McCarthy - Aerio as Platform for Revenue Diversification and Community Engagement

Learn about Aerio. A platform enables the swift creation of white label bookstores to help you raise more money.

Aerio is a platform that enables the swift creation of white label bookstores. It is a book marketing and sales platform designed to give users multiple avenues to directly engage with their audience and share their important message. As a library, you can create community-specific collections, support community-wide reading initiatives, enable fundraising via online book sales, and more.

Aerio integrates direct-to-reader book marketing tools and an intuitive online bookstore with your website, blog, social media and other online platforms and it helps to boost your book promotions strategy and grow your audience so you can sell more books online and raise more money for your library.

In this session you'll learn how to use Aerio to raise more money for your library, Friends groups, or Foundations.

We built this conference to help you learn to raise more money from your community and improve the funding of your library. Register today!

Peter McCarthy is director of digital services at Ingram Content Group. He has more than 20 years of experience in publishing, ranging from executive positions with Penguin and Random House to start-ups and consultancies, and brings a strategic, technical, and data-informed approach to selling and marketing books and other content.