Our tentative tracks will help you learn deeper skills to build support for your library

A Flexible Virtual Conference

We’re excited to present a virtual format that allows our attendees to have the flexibility to build a conference schedule that fits their needs.

We made this conference as flexible as possible to fit your busy schedule. With three days worth of content, you aren’t going to want to miss out on anything. That’s why we made it possible to view the conference session in three different formats. All conference sessions will be made available on the first day of the conference. You can view these sessions in three unique ways to fit your schedule

  1. You can pick and choose the sessions that you want to attend and watch them at your convenience at anytime through the conference.

  2. You can watch sessions by track if you are interested in gaining a deep level of knowledge in any area.

  3. You can view the conference from beginning to end.

A few days before the conference opens, you will receive an email with links to view the conference sessions when they go live.

All tracks and topics will be pre-recorded and available on day one with speakers and attendees interacting live throughout all three days of the conference. You'll also get complimentary access to all of the sessions from our previous LAFCON event.

  • Book Bans and Bad Legislation (new in 2024)
    • Organizing principles
    • Rules for Radicals in 2025
    • Local and Statewide Coalitions
    • Lawsuits - First Amendment
    • Civil Rights in Schools
    • Tool Kit Roundup
    • Putting authors into the discussion
    • FOIA and Public Records
    • School Librarian Advocacy 
  • Campaigns and Elections
    • Ballot initiatives
    • Ballot committees
    • Voter Files
    • Voter ID, GOTV
    • Getting on the ballot
    • Legal issues
    • Polling
    • School Board Elections
    • Library Board Elections
  • Democracy and Voting
    • Candidate Surveys
    • Candidate Forums
    • Election Administration
    • Voter Registration
    • Non-Partisan Election Information
  • Philanthropic Funding
    • Grant Writing
    • Individual giving (large and small)
    • Sponsorships
    • Business giving
    • Fundraisers/fundraising
  • Digital advocacy
    • Social media
    • Influencer
    • Big data
    • Digital political tools (petitions, pledges, etc…)
  • Field work
    • Canvassing
    • Phone-banking
    • Text messaging
    • Direct mail
  • Messaging
    • Dem, Rep, Libertarian panel
    • Three languages of Politics
  • Coalition building
    • Education coalitions
    • Population coalitions
    • Issue coalitions
  • Community organizing
  • Form and Function of Advocacy Organizations
  • Union partnerships 
  • Political Fundraising
  • Earned media
  • Paid media
  • Volunteer management
  • Lobbyist 101
    • What they should do
    • Auditing your lobbyist
    • 2025 state preview session
  • New modes of legislative advocacy
    • Consensus building within the sector
    • Educating legislators
    • Model Legislation
    • Veto Sessions
    • Post-legislative advocacy
    • Lobbying v. Issue Education
    • Direct action
  • Library Board and Local Relationships
    • Roberts Rules and Bylaws (Power of Parliamentary Procedure)
    • How to ID new Board Members
    • Managing difficult meetings
  • Library Financial Expertise
    • Bond proceeds
    • Investment strategies
    • PPP
    • Financial forecasts and cash flow
  • Funding Pathways 
    • DEA
    • Block Grants
    • Education