What to expect when you're expecting (to sue your state over censorship laws)

When advocacy fails to change the minds of lawmakers, libraries and librarians must turn to the courts to protect the First Amendment rights of their patrons. That is easier said than done. Join Library Director and advocate Adam Webb as he discusses his experiences as a plaintiff in the lawsuit to challenge Arkansas' censorship law, Act 372, and gain insight on what to expect if you are thinking about becoming a plaintiff.


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About Adam Web

Adam Webb is the Executive Director of the Garland County Library and the President of Advocates for All Arkansas Libraries. He is a proud Arkansawyer, a certified public library administrator, a former punk-rocker, a fisherman, and staunch library advocate. He's been called a "well read-neck" and "the king of wishful thinking" by his colleagues and a "pigment-and-plumbing-prioritizing Leninist" and a "leftist defender of degeneracy" by his enemies. He lives in Hot Springs, AR with his wife, son, and two dogs.