Allison Ehrich Bernstein - Leading With Your Mission: From Good Messaging to Great Rhetoric

When you talk about your work, what do people hear?

When you talk about your work, what do people hear?

Good messaging allows you to connect with listeners on their own terms, while letting your voice and passion shine through—and a great presentation makes sure your audience is as excited as you are about what you have to say. In an era when attention spans are short and takeaways are limited, making your point effectively is critical, but it's often too easy to get caught up in process, jargon, and the wrong details. When you can speak in a way that your audience connects with, though, you win supporters and advance your cause. In this session, we'll cover how to define what you do—and, just as importantly, why you do it—in language that educates and engages your audience, as well as how to achieve a compelling, natural presentation style that works.

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Allison Ehrich Bernstein has handled communications and written speeches, opinion pieces, and digital content for local and global leaders, including at the U.S. State Department, Accion International, Hilltop Public Solutions, and Hillary for America. A graduate of Brown University, Allison currently resides in Illinois. She has written and campaigned for candidates throughout New England and in her home state of Virginia, including Senator Mark Warner, Attorney General Peter Kilmartin, and candidates including Steve Kerrigan, Creigh Deeds, and Mark Connolly. Her work also supports numerous progressive women candidates nationwide through Get Her Elected. She has previously worked with and written for Senator Barbara Boxer, the Center for American Progress, West Wing Writers, the 2016 Democratic National Convention Committee, and Governor Gina Raimondo.

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