That Librarian: Preparing, Protecting, and Being Proactive In Standing Up for Intellectual Freedom

Libraries are seeing an unprecedented number of book challenges and librarians have become the new punching bags for extremists. Learn about my journey from being the target of a harassment campaign to taking back my life. Learn about online resources, apps, and websites to help strengthen your library policies, prepare yourself for the mental and physical toll of standing up for intellectual freedom, and learn how to better inform the community through coalition building.


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About Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones is a 23 year educator, school librarian, and the current Past President of the Louisiana Association of School Librarians. She is the 2021 School Library Journal Librarian of the Year, a 2021 Library Journal Mover and Shaker, and the 2020 Louisiana School Librarian of the Year. She made national headlines for fighting back against censorship in her community when she became a target of extremists. Amanda is a co-founding member of Louisiana Citizens Against Censorship, a grassroots organization fighting attacks on intellectual freedom in Louisiana. She is the winner of multiple intellectual freedom awards from the ALA, AASL, and the Louisiana Library Association. She serves as the LLA Chapter Councilor for ALA and is a member of the AASL Chapter Assembly. Her book That Librarian: The Fight Against Book Banning in America, will be published by Bloomsbury in 2024. Find out more about her at