Funding the Fight: Boosting Online Activism and Advocacy

The battle against misinformation and censorship is being fought every day online. In order to beat back book bans, we need to build a diverse coalition of activists and advocates to counter the extremism driving these negative policies. One of the most powerful tools in our arsenal is digital activism and fundraising but wielding it effectively requires time and expertise. In this session, we will dive into strategies for engaging your community online to support your work and win tough fights.


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About Brian Derrick

Brian Derrick is a political strategist, influencer, and the Founder and CEO of Oath. He has built a large following on social media with his digestible breakdowns of political news and electoral campaign politics. In 2022, he launched Oath-- a free political advising platform that has directed more than 150K donations to critical elections around the country. He has served as an advisor to candidates, organizations, and celebrities including Ryan Reynolds and Ilana Glazer.