Fighting Back against Censorship: One Librarian’s Story

After being fired by the High Plains Library District in retaliation for opposing their discriminatory program policy and speaking out to my community about being told to cancel my programs for LGBTQIA+ teens and youth of color, I embarked upon (and won!) a two-year legal battle in pursuit of justice for myself and my community. Learn more about my story, as well as the strategies I used to protect myself, advocate for and rally my community, prepare for litigation, navigate the media, affect change in both policy and practice, and rebuild my life.


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About Brooky Parks

Brooky Parks is an anti-censorship advocate and librarian at the University of Denver. Prior to her current position, she was a Teen Services Librarian at a public library. She was awarded the 2023 Julie J. Boucher Memorial Award for promoting intellectual freedom and fighting back against censorship and is passionate about serving all members of her community.