Getting the Most Out of Political Direct Mail with New USPS Tools

Direct mail remains an essential component of political campaigns. It is uniquely targetable, and people really do read – or at least look at – their mail. Few political campaigns succeed without mail as a part of their strategy.

The Postal Service has developed new services in the last few years that can greatly increase the effectiveness and control of a direct mail campaign. There are also special rules political mailers should follow to get the best treatment for their mail. This session will give you insight into how to make the most of your political campaign mail.

We’ll cover:

  • How USPS views and treats political mail, ballot mail, and election mail – and how each category is defined.
  • Changes that have occurred since the last election in 2020 – essential rules.
  • USPS Informed Visibility – what it is, how it works, and how you can use it to know when and where your mail is being delivered, and that your mail vendors are meeting their commitments.
  • USPS Informed Delivery – this exciting new channel helps you add impressions and web links to your campaign mail in an email to your voters every day – as well as getting a postage discount. We will discuss how this service works, and how you can participate.

If you use direct mail as part of your campaigns, this is essential knowledge – it will be an hour well spent.

Dave Lewis

Dave Lewis is the president of SnailWorks, an online provider of mail tracking and related services. He has spent a career taking innovative new Postal programs and turning them into winning business propositions for marketers. In the process, he co-founded two web based companies including SnailWorks, which he leads today. His specialty is leveraging advanced postal programs to make direct mail work better, and to coordinate it with online marketing. The Postal Service is doing some amazing things with technology these days, and Dave helps the mailing industry bring them to life.

Dave is a sought-after speaker in the mail and direct marketing industry. He speaks regularly at the National Postal Forum, where he is a top-rated speaker, and at industry events across the country. He has had featured articles in Mailing & Systems Technology, DM News, Target Marketing, and was even featured on the cover of Mail Magazine. A nationally recognize expert in all things mail, Dave’s presentations feature practical advice on making marketing work better. Lewis has a BA from the University of Maryland.