John Miyasato - Canvassing for a Cause

In Canvassing for a Cause, John Miyasato will discuss: Best practices, Different kinds of canvassing and what has worked for EveryLibrary

In Canvassing for a Cause, John Miyasato will discuss: Best practices, Different kinds of canvassing and what has worked for EveryLibrary, so far, Operations behind issue based campaigns, Why promoting public libraries is a great and easy cause to gain support around, and EveryLibrary's experience working with Crossroads Campaigns.

Politicians, legislators, and political action committees are aiming their sights at library funding.
This conference will train library workers, supporters, and advocacy groups to build support for library funding in their communities.

John Miyasato founded (and has since managed) Crossroads Campaigns in 2007, bringing over 32 years of experience in field, communications, technology, and strategic planning. His work since and prior to founding Crossroads has allowed him to apply his unique skills to both electoral and non-profit campaigns and initiatives all over the country (in over 40 states). At Crossroads, John has worked with a broad array of clients, including high profile U.S. Senate races, campaigns for city council, national issue advocacy organizations, and local ballot initiatives. John also has extensive experience working with non-partisan organizations. John was the managing consultant for the We Are America Alliance, a coalition of and state groups in 2009. In 2013, John founded the Center on Civic Engagement to continue his non-partisan work in the Latinx, African American, Asian American Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, and Native American communities. John has built and sustained his current client base of over 50 organizations by providing long-term technical assistance and support that is unique to each organization’s needs and situations.