Ready, Set, Go! Three Steps to Engage, Energize, and Empower Your Community

Join Kacey Carpenter, an accomplished author, community organizer, and volunteer, in a presentation designed to engage, energize, and empower your library community. Learn from real-life case studies featured in his latest book and gain insights into the use of digital tools and social media. Kacey will share success stories, provide practical tips, and offer inspiration. “Ready, Set, Go!” is more than just a book; it serves as a comprehensive guide to fostering positive change in your community. This presentation is an opportunity to learn from an expert and make a significant difference in your community.


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About Kacey Carpenter

Kacey Carpenter is an author, community volunteer, and speaker with a rich background in digital engagement and community organizing.

He has published two non-fiction books: READY, SET, GO! Playbook for Campaigns, Candidates, and Causes and My Journey with Bernie. He also curates a weekly newsletter, “Life is a Journey”, and is currently working on his first murder mystery fiction book set in Joshua Tree National Park. Kacey leads the National Writers Union Oregon Writers Corner Program.

Kacey has a passion for life, family, friends, and the outdoors, he loves coaching, teaching, traveling, and volunteering. Kacey lives with his partner Kathy in Lake Oswego, Oregon.
Kacey’s passion for life, family, and friends is evident in his love for the outdoors, coaching, teaching, traveling, and volunteering. Residing in Oregon, he serves candidates, campaigns, and causes to ensure democracy, protect our planet, and fight for equity, inclusion, and justice for all.