Libraries Aren't Political?

That's a hard argument to make!

That's a hard argument to make!

Libraries are political when they take a stand to support topics such as first amendment rights, information access, the freedom to read and so much more. It’s also true that 98% of library funding is politically driven by the will of local voters and the will of local, state, and federal legislators. That means that if we want to see libraries funded and supported into the future then we need to understand how to navigate this world of politics.

That’s why we launched the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference!

We want to teach you the skills and strategies you need to increase the political will of your community to fund your library. These advanced sessions will show you how you can be more skilled at navigating politics in your community and at the state and federal levels.

At LAFCON you’ll be learning from some of the world’s most experienced political operatives, international advocacy organizations, fundraising experts, business leaders, and highly skilled campaigners. For example, many of our presenters have worked presidential campaigns, international fundraising efforts, as well as state, local, and national advocacy campaigns for some of the world’s biggest organizations. You can see the current list of sessions here but check back often as we're adding more sessions all the time.

Register today for the virtual Library Advocacy and Funding Conference from Sept 14-16th.

You simply won’t find another conference bringing you this level of expertise, skills, tools, and strategies to move your library forward.