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Sign Here to Support Your Library

This is your opportunity to pledge your support for one of America's greatest institutions. By clicking 'yes' you are pledging to  support libraries and ensure that our librarians have the funding they need to give communities the libraries they deserve.

This pledge is extremely important to so many people across the country because of what libraries can provide for them and their communities. Libraries of all kinds provide a wide array of services that are not found anywhere else in the community and provide those services freely for all people. If you love and support libraries and want to see these services continue to be provided throughout the country, please sign the pledge today 

Economic Development
If you want to ensure that your community maintains a stable economy, has a strong and well educated workforce, and that small businesses and start-ups can succeed then you definitely understand that libraries enrich communities and are an important part of the tax base and a stable economy. Libraries help entrepreneurs, starts-ups, and small business owners as well as serve as a community space while serving as a buffer against economic downturn by allowing community members to an opportunity to access resources that they might not otherwise have the ability to access. Many small businesses depend on the library for access to high end market research, analysis, as well as continuing education and training for staff through the programs and services that they provide. In fact, libraries are shown to have an average return on investment to a community of $5.00 for every $1.00 spent on them. Libraries are a truly a strong investment in your community.

If you believe that education is a cornerstone to a thriving community, then you understand the role that libraries have in every major city or small town. Many people use libraries to learn new skills and develop new ideas as well as use libraries as a means to self-development and achievement. The freely accessible collections in libraries contain knowledge and understanding that is not effectively available anywhere else. The programs, classes, and services provided by libraries give people an opportunity to develop a new skill or trade without the exceptional cost of higher education.

The Social Good
If you are interested in a free and democratic society where people of all ages, social or economic status, or role in society have the opportunity to live the American Dream, then you know that libraries can change lives. Libraries often provide a safe haven for seniors during the day, for teens after school, for parents with young children, for job seekers needing computers, for the growing number of freelance professionals, and for those needing literacy and technical skills. These opportunities are not offered anywhere else in the country by any other industry and libraries play a vital role in many people’s lives in every community.

This pledge is only the first step in supporting libraries at the ballot box. If you would like to take more action, consider signing up as a volunteer, making a one-time donation or a monthly donation, or helping to spread the word about the need to support libraries by sharing this page with your friends and families.

Please pledge your support for libraries today!

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