Moving From "Transactional Advocacy" to "Transformational Advocacy."

Discover the thrill of advocating for issues you care about by moving from "transactional advocacy" to "transformational advocacy."

Drawing from the 2024 edition of his book: "Reclaiming Our Democracy: Every Citizen's Guide to Transformational Advocacy," Sam Daley-Harris will help us understand the difference between "transactional advocacy" -- sign the petition, transaction complete, and the lesser known, but far more powerful "transformational advocacy." With transformational advocacy volunteers are trained, encouraged, and then succeed at doing things as advocates they never thought they could do and, as a result, they see themselves in a new light, they see themselves as community leaders. Daley-Harris will help you see how you can add aspects of transformational advocacy to your current advocacy work.


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About Sam Daley-Harris

Starting with a career in music, Sam Daley-Harris went on to found the anti-poverty lobby RESULTS in 1980, co-found the Microcredit Summit Campaign in 1995, and found Civic Courage in 2012. Daley-Harris coached Citizens’ Climate Lobby its first seven years. The 2024 edition of Sam’s book Reclaiming Our Democracy: Every Citizen’s Guide to Transformational Advocacy was named an editor’s pick by Publisher’s Weekly BookLife. Ashoka founder Bill Drayton said, “Sam Daley-Harris is one of the certified great social entrepreneurs of the last decades.”