Six Exciting Sessions Announced Today!

We're excited about these six sessions at the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference. Register today and you'll have the opportunity to hear from Mike Hixenbaugh, Amanda Jones (That Librarian), and more!

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Q&A With Mike HixenBaugh

In this session you'll hear from Mike Hixenbaugh, author of "They Came for the Schools," in this Q&A with EveryLibrary staff. He'll discuss the powerful forces driving the crusade to ban books, rewrite curricula, limit rights for minority and ... READ MORE


That Librarian: Preparing, Protecting, and Being Proactive In Standing Up for Intellectual Freedom

Libraries are seeing an unprecedented number of book challenges and librarians have become the new punching bags for extremists. Learn about Amanda Jones' journey from being the target of a harassment campaign to taking back her life. Learn about online ... READ MORE


Feelings Don’t Care About Your Facts: Ethically Navigating Library Advocacy in an Age of Propaganda.

Libraries and library workers in the United States are under threat from a powerful and well-funded far right coalition that is increasingly outmatching library advocates in the battle for the hearts and minds of the American public. The rhetoric ... READ MORE


What the %&$*# is Wrong With Library Advocacy?!

Nearly 98% of library funding comes from the will of voters and legislators. That means that nearly all of library funding is political in nature yet libraries don't seem to have the resources, tools, or strategies in place to navigate and influence ... READ MORE


The Realities of a Book Challenge

In 2022, Gavin Downing faced a book challenge led by his own school principal. In this session, he will talk about his experiences, what worked, what didn't work, what he wished had happened, and more ...  READ MORE


Building a Grassroots Alliance to Support the Library and Fight Against Book Bans

Grassroots activism has proven to be effective at fighting book bans and supporting libraries and librarians at local, regional and statewide levels. While most American strongly oppose book banning, many don't know how to effectively organize and ... READ MORE


Register today and then click to share this conference on Facebook and Twitter!

All of the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference (LAFCON) sessions are pre-recorded and there are a number of great reasons we’re doing this. We want this conference to be easy to attend for people anywhere in the United States or around the world. With all conference sessions available concurrently during the three days of the conference you can watch any session at any time on your own schedule. If you prefer to watch the conference sessions at noon or at midnight, that’s up to you! 

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