Attacks on Libraries are Serious.

That's why this conference is so important.

If you're as concerned about the political and partisan attacks on libraries and the freedom of expression as I am, then this conference is for you. 

The virtual Library Advocacy and Funding Conference (July 24-26) was designed specifically to help library supporters, support groups, and library workers understand the tools they need to build support for their libraries and their library collections.


Register today to secure your opportunity to learn from some of the nation's best advocacy and fundraising experts.


We're excited that this conference is specifically designed to bring new knowledge to libraries. We've sought out presenters and curated a conference agenda that will bring you all new information and ideas around these topics:

  • book banning
  • Fundraising
  • Understanding Library Funding
  • Messaging, Media, and Communications
  • Library Management
  • Advocacy
  • Understanding and Using Big Data
  • Marketing Your Library
  • Library Campaigns and Elections

As a bonus, you'll also gain access to all of the sessions from 2020 and session from 2022!

Recently Added Sessions!

Book Banning Goes Digital: Libraries Suspending E-book Services and the First Amendment

Book banning predates the United States and has survived and thrived in a splintered twenty-first century political climate. As the fight for the minds of the public continues, state and local governments have ramped up their efforts to ban books... LEARN MORE

The Role of Libraries and Journalism in Fighting Against Deep Fakes for their Communities

With the upcoming U.S. elections, there has been increasing artificial intelligence-generated and human-generated disinformation content being circulated and causing mass confusion. We also see Photoshop errors such as the one from Kate Middleton... LEARN MORE

Library Advocacy in the MLIS Degree and Early Career

This presentation discusses the significance of developing advocacy skills for libraries and their services, particularly emphasizing the early stages of one's graduate degree and career as a librarian. The presentation also covers practical strategies... LEARN MORE

Funding the Fight: Boosting Online Activism and Advocacy

The battle against misinformation and censorship is being fought every day online. In order to beat back book bans, we need to build a diverse coalition of activists and advocates to counter the extremism driving these negative policies... LEARN MORE

Creating a Cash Flow with Microsoft Excel

After this session, viewers should have a basic understanding of matching liquidity to fiscal year liabilities, using Microsoft Excel to map out a fund's cash flow, and tracking investments using an output sheet. LEARN MORE

Bonds for Sale!

This session will explore the different ways to sell your bonds in the primary market. We will discuss the nuances of the various sale mechanisms and the different contexts in which one method of sale might be preferable over another... LEARN MORE


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