Camonghne Felix and the Mychal Threets Effect

We're excited about a lot of the sessions at the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference, but we're extra excited about these sessions;

The Mychal Threets Effect

Camonghne Felix
How and why Mychal Threets, the famous TikTok librarian, has amassed such a following, and what this means for the future of libraries and readers. 

The Rise and Rise of Christian Nationalism

Michelle Goldberg
When I wrote about Christian nationalism in 2006, it was still widely considered a fringe phenomenon. Now it has moved to the very center of our politics, and is driving the renewed craze for banning books. I'll speak about the history and spread of the movement, and how its book-banning crusade has spread from schools to public libraries and even bookstores.


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Q&A With Mike Hixenbaugh

Mike Hixenbaugh
in this Q&A with EveryLibrary staff, you'll hear from Mike Hixenbaugh, author of "They Came for the Schools." He'll discuss the powerful forces driving the crusade to ban books, rewrite curricula, and limit rights for minority and LGBTQ students. He'll bring to light fascinating connections between this political and cultural moment and past fundamentalist campaigns to censor classroom lessons through the eye-opening story of Southlake, Texas, a district that seemed to offer everything parents would want for their children — small classes, dedicated teachers, financial resources, a track record of academic success, and school spirit in abundance.

Modern Digital Advocacy Tactics that Cut Through the Noise

Steve Anderson
In this session, digital advocacy expert Steve Anderson will outline the Full Spectrum of Engagement needed for effective advocacy. Full Spectrum Engagement is the combination of strategic principles and digital advocacy tactics that leading progressive advocacy organizations use to build power and change policy.

Libraries as Place: How Design Excellence Informed by Inclusive Community Conversations Can Maximize Your ROI.

Chuck Wray
Design excellence simply to create beautiful architecture misses the potential of maximizing a community's return on its investment in the library building. Learn how inclusive, curious conversations with those served by the library can imprint each community's hopes and aspirations into the building's design to create uniquely inspiring and empowering places.