Enjoy an Incredibly Flexible Conference Experience!

All of the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference (LAFCON) sessions are going to be pre-recorded and there are a number of great reasons we’re doing this.

All of the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference (LAFCON) sessions are pre-recorded and there are a number of great reasons we’re doing this. We want this conference to be easy to attend for people anywhere in the United States or around the world. With all conference sessions available concurrently during the three days of the conference you can watch any session at any time on your own schedule. If you prefer to watch the conference sessions at noon or at midnight, that’s up to you! 

Accessibility Is Our Goal

It’s important to us that the conference is as accessible as possible. Through pre-recorded conference sessions, we can add closed captioning for the hearing impaired and for the convenience of attendees who are more visual learners. This is an international conference, so we are offering closed captioning in a number of languages to ensure more attendees will be able to participate in their native languages. Plus, by hosting all our programs on-demand, attendees around the world don’t have to view the conference at unreasonable hours or at times that conflict with work or studies. Our goal is to ensure that no one misses any of our great content.

A Smooth Virtual Conference Environment

We’re also trying to avoid technical or personal glitches that hamper many online conferences and that's why we're using the WHOVA conference platform. Have you ever attended live webinar or conference sessions where the presenters or organizers were faced with technical difficulties, inconsistent arrivals of presenters, or any number of other issues that come with live virtual presentations? Our pre-recorded, on-demand sessions will minimize these technical glitches. We want your conference attendance experience to be  smooth and easy to navigate, so you can focus on the  high quality content.

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Flexible Attendance Options

We are offering three on-demand ways to experience the conference. First, anyone attending the conference can simply view the entire conference from beginning to end. Second, attendees can view the conference by “tracks”. For example, if you’re interested in learning digital organizing strategies, you can view all the sessions in the digital organizing track. Lastly, you can pick and choose any sessions you want to attend in any order. This means that you don’t have to sit through sessions that aren’t just right for you. You’ll be able to simply select the sessions that are most appealing to you and watch them at any time throughout the three days. If a session isn’t right for you, just find another!

Interact with Participants

The best thing about any conference is the ability to interact with the presenters and other participants. You’ll have the opportunity to continue the learning through Q&As with presenters, AMAs from our sponsors, and threaded discussions, docs, and breakout chats with other attendees. Many of our presenters will be giving "office hours" so you'll have a chance to ask them a question during the conference. Most sessions will include the contact information for presenters, so you can reach out to them through their preferred method. And most importantly, if you ask a question in the chat box of a session, we’ll forward it to the presenter.

Join us September 28-28, 2022 online - in your own timezone and on your own schedule - at the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference and enjoy unlimited access to dozens of high-impact presentations, panels, and sessions.